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Jazz help & coronavirus

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In these times of "social distancing" - or as the Governor of Ohio has pointed out, physical distancing - because we need to be more social than ever in these trying times; and venue closings, some suggestions have crossed my desk. Actions speak louder than words, right? Here is something that has been offered by Jazz on the Tube [ ]

put out some feelers to see what jazz musicians are putting on live video streaming performances during the pandemic. .....banjoist Bela Fleck (does) Low budget, SIMPLE, getting it done. Details:

(now jazzonthetube) have the bare bones of this "how to" resource up and running. It's good enough to get you started. Details:

Lester Perkins Jazz on the Tube


There is also this from Brent Gallaher of Caffè Vivace ( via: )

Hi Kay, Here is a link that explains ways to help us and the community of musicians. thanks Brent Gallaher Owner Caffè Vivace 975 East McMillan Street Cincinnati, OH 45206 513.601.9897


Sinclair Jazz Band Director Bill Burns did his own version of getting some performances out for enjoyment in the temporary absence of live performances. Thank you Bill.

Below is a playlist with some of my favorite jazz videos. Feel free to add and I hope you dig it. Enjoy the tunes and extra leisure time. Be safe .......... Peace, love and Jazz!

Bill Burns

Freelance Saxophone Educator and Performer

Music Educator, Centerville City Schools

Adjunct Professor, Sinclair Community College 

Past-President, The Jazz Education Connection of Ohio

Clearly we all need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best - see you on the other side!

Jim Woodford

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