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[Every] Thursday Night Jazz!

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Thanks to a new location at 37 West 4th Street in downtown Dayton, attached to the newly renovated Dayton Arcade, Thursday night jazz in the Dayton area is hotter than ever! Gather by Ghostlight has jazz every Thursday night [First Thursday Jazz Jams at Wholly Grounds on Wayne Avenue got this whole Thursday night jazz thing started - noteworthy that this first Thursday jazz jam has now moved to the first Sunday night] And lest we forget, The Hidden Gem Music Club across from Hauer Music on Ohio 725 in Centerville turned up the heat on Thursday night jazz by adding the Mambo Combo on the first Thursday of the month. Either location well worth the effort, a hot jazz jam at Wholly Grounds or some of the best musicians up from Cincinnati raising the temperature with hot Latin Jazz at the Hidden Gem.

I am happy to repeat that the jazz heat has been increased by Thursday night jazz at Gather by Ghostlight in the heart of the city.

First Thursdays at Gather by Ghostlight

Second Thursdays at Gather by Ghostlight

Third Thursdays at Gather by Ghostlight

Fourth Thursdays at Gather by Ghostlight

Kelli Campbell Combo debut at Gathers by Ghostlight

Patricia Berg musical group has surprise guest who joined them for the second set, Dayton area flugelhorn maestro, Mike Teckenbrock!

Thursday nights in Dayton Ohio is where to be for jazz. See you there!?

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